Nice to Meet You!

15 Apr

My name is Fawn and I work at a media company in New York, but for the most part I am an adventurer.  I grew up in a household where having new experiences was almost as necessary as food or air.  Most of my experiences traveling have been good, some were bad, and a few were just downright ugly; but no matter what,  I have always left with a smile on my face and a story to tell.  I’ve been stung by jellyfish in Thailand, learned how to Hula dance in Hawaii, drank myself into a margarita induced stupor in Mexico, and shopped till I dropped in Seoul’s Myeong-dong fashion district.   I hope to travel the world someday, to eat where the locals eat and hang where the locals hang.  Until that day comes, I still find exciting things to do and incredible places to see right here at home in New York City.

This site is for adventure enthusiasts, those who want to explore New York’s local scene, but want suggestions or maybe just some friendly advice about the city.  I am by no means a travel expert or a New York aficionado.  I’m just a girl who wants to share her discoveries with other people .


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